Why get your product from a counterfeit store where you're not sure if they're authentic?  Do you factor other consequences when you are making your buying decisions? If the only thing you think about is price, that's not good and not profitable to you. The value you get from products you purchase should be of high priority.

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Benefits of buying your products from ZKTeco West Africa & its authorised partners

  1. Enjoy the low cost of our products and solutions.
  2. Products made for this region and purchased from any of ZKTeco authorised partners will be provided with full support.
  3. Free support and replacement will be provided on products within warranty. If products are out of warranty, minimal cost will be provided to get issues  resolved.
  4. To confirm the authenticity of ZKTeco products and the region they are made for click this link https://www.zkteco.com/en/security_check.html and input your device serial number.

Ensure that you deal with and receive your stock from authorized distributors only.